The Sleep Foundation published a study that found women need more sleep than men. For a multitude of reasons, women tend to sleep less than men do every night. This often comes due to pregnancy, menopause, or the simple fact that women multitask more than men, meaning they use more of their brain and struggle to shut it off completely before bed. 

Naturally, sleeping is essential for your physical and mental health. A consistent lack of sleep can raise stress levels, make you gain weight, and lead to problems such as depression and anxiety. So, finding ways to get a better night’s sleep is a must! 

There are many things you can do to device a better nighttime routine before going to sleep. Amongst the many options, cannabis is believed to possibly help with your sleep quality. Different studies back this up, and here’s how it might help:

Cannabis may help induce a deeper sleep

One theory with cannabis is that it may help provide a deeper sleep. This is because of the THC in cannabis, which some studies suggest will lower the amount of REM sleep you get every night. REM sleep is the time when you have dreams, and sometimes dreams can wake you up in the middle of the night. So, this suggestion is that cannabis might stop you from dreaming, which gives you a deeper sleep. However, this is usually only the case if you choose cannabis products for women with high THC levels. 

Cannabis might help you fall asleep quicker

Women with sleeping problems often struggle to fall asleep. So, you may be pleased to hear of a 2013 study that looked at the effects of cannabis on inducing sleep. In essence, the study suggests that THC found in cannabis can maybe help you fall asleep quicker than usual. In turn, this can help you get some extra sleep every night. 

Cannabis may help soothe pain

For women who are experiencing chronic pain, this can cause restless nights of sleep. A 2018 review of CBD indicated that it may help soothe chronic pain in adults. By combating your pain, you are taking care of a reason for your lack of sleep. Therefore, it might help improve your quality of sleep each night. All you’d need to do is buy a Leaf & Vine luxury vape pen, which contains higher percentages of CBD than other brands, and use it before bed. 

Cannabis might reduce anxiety

There was also a study published in 2019 that look at the effect of CBD on anxiety and sleep. A group of people with anxiety were given CBD supplements for a month, as were a group of people with sleep problems. The results showed 79.2% of patients saw lower anxiety levels, and 66.7% had improved sleep. So, cannabis may help reduce anxiety and make you feel more relaxed before bed, potentially leading to a better night’s sleep.

How can you get more sleep?

As you can see, cannabis may play a role in helping with sleep deprivation. So, you might want to start adding a luxurious cannabis product to your nightly routine. We offer the best vape pens for women. If you get your hands on one, you can use it before you sleep every night. 

Alongside this, you should also follow some other steps to improve your sleep quality

  • Avoid drinking an hour before bed to stop nighttime visits to the toilet
  • Stop staring at bright screens as this makes it harder to fall asleep
  • Try meditation or yoga before bed to help you relax
  • Sip on some lavender tea as it has calming properties that help with sleep

Try all of these things to improve your nighttime routine and enjoy deeper, longer, sleep. Again, if you want to buy the best cannabis vaporizer, then please feel free to check out our full range at the Planet 13 Complex.


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