When it comes to cannabis use, it’s safe to say that the way in which we view and consume one of nature’s most incredible and potentially beneficial plants is changing. The more we know about the potential healing, restorative and therapeutic effects of the compounds in cannabis; such as CBD and THC the more our attitude towards this often misunderstood plant is slowly shifting.

One of the most noticeable changes is that more and more women are beginning to avail themselves of the potential benefits of cannabis use. Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons why…

Women are learning more about the benefits for them

In the digital age, consumers of both genders find it easier than ever to find the information they need to make more informed choices. As they learn more about the potential anti-depressant, anxiety suppressing, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving process of cannabis use and separate the research from misinformation, women are better able to make more informed choices that cannabis may be for them. Women are learning about medical research that estrogen plays a part in making cannabis use more potent for women than for men. Today’s informed, intelligent women are making the choice to use marijuana on their own terms in accordance with their own needs rather than by responding to peer pressure.

It’s easier to consume with more options than ever

With the widespread legalization and demystification of cannabis, women find that it’s easier than ever to fit the use of cannabis into their lifestyles. Many women vape rather than smoke and as such, the rise of luxury cannabis vape products has allowed women to benefit from the potential pain and anxiety reducing properties of cannabis use without changing their lifestyle.

Women are able to get the information they need to choose strains which are best suited for their individual needs. Vaping has made it much easier to incorporate the benefits of cannabis into their lifestyle and have made it easier than ever for the career woman to take advantage of the possible benefits of this plant.

The industry is better catering for them

Consumer studies show that women tend to prefer other forms of cannabis over their male counterparts, including consuming by vaping. They prefer their methods of delivery to be more versatile, discreet and easier to fit into their daily lifestyle. As such, the industry has got better at understanding and catering to their needs and preferences. Much of the diversification of the industry from greater use of luxury vape pens to a proliferation of edibles which women can enjoy on their lunch break to easy to apply tinctures has come about in response to the needs of a new generation of professional, independent women who want to enjoy the potential health benefits of cannabis use but abstain from the stereotypical lifestyle tropes associated with it.

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