Have ever considered keeping a journal of your cannabis use? Well now is the time to start. Journaling your cannabis for therapeutic purposes can be an excellent way to log how certain strains affect you and how different consumption methods work. If you choose to use cannabis by a convenient luxury vape pen, keeping an eye on what affects you the most is a smart idea. Watching which strains and brands that you love the most can even help you to track what you spend on products and eliminate those that you don’t love.

Feeling Your Best

Some luxury cannabis products will make you feel fantastic where others will make you feel not your best, and a journal can help you to identify which strains are making you feel at your best. Everyone knows that people react differently to different strains of cannabis; there’s no one size fits all. Two people who are smoking the very same luxury vape pen won’t feel the same effects, and that’s due to the unique endocannabinoid system we each have. Cannabis may relax you, which can make you quickly forget how your luxury vape hit you last night. Journaling the strain it was before you take it can remind you for next time what the effects were. You’ll never need to worry about forgetting, your trusty journal will have all your notes right there for you the next time you open it up!

Conversations With A Professional

In states where cannabis is legal, a physician can prescribe it for you if you have a medical card. The trouble is that it can be challenging to convince a physician to prescribe the right cannabis and the right amount, but if you are journaling how cannabis is affecting you, you can illustrate why you may need it and how it benefits you. 

If you are a recreational user, your notes in your journal can be useful to show your budtender when looking to purchase a luxury vape pen. The notes of your individual experience may help them understand your specific needs and reactions to particular strains.

Embracing A Mindful Lifestyle

When you spend time working out, counting your calories, and monitoring your water intake, you are taking steps to monitor your health in a way that will be good for you. It means you are being mindful about the way that you are living, and journaling your cannabis intake is going to have the same result. If you write down what you have, how much you take, and how the session leaves you feeling, you’re going to pay more attention to your cannabis use. You’re also giving yourself the time to experience how you feel and understand better what the best cannabis products have to offer.

Journaling your cannabis consumption, from the date and time of the session to the name of the strain you used, will help you to understand better how you feel and the positive effects cannabis is having on your body.


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