Are you planning on spending an evening in with your girls? If so, then you might want to consider using luxury cannabis products and bringing out your best vape pen. Vaping could elevate a variety of activities that you can enjoy with your ladies in the comfort of your own home. Using cannabis products, you might discover a whole new side of yourself or it could reduce your inhibition, allowing you to unlock new talents and possibilities. Let’s explore some of the best options. 


When using luxury cannabis, you may find that you feel more relaxed than you are usually. That’s why it’s a great time to practice yoga or even meditate. Meditation is all about freeing the mind, clearing your thoughts and becoming one with your body. The potential soothing sensation can be just what you need to elevate the impact of this and truly reach your point of zen. You may even start to notice patterns in your life and wonderful little details in your thought process. Some people may find it difficult to clear their head even when using the best cannabis vaporizer. To help, try playing some soothing music or lighting some candles to focus on the flames.

Watch Movies

If you are using luxurious cannabis, you could also think about setting up a movie night with your best friends. You might find that some scenes are far more interesting, exciting or thought-provoking when you are in this state. Some research does suggest that vaping cannabis may elevate cognitive processes and watching movies is a great way to experiment with this. Consider opting for mind benders including Inception, Vanilla Sky and Eyes Wide Shut for the most interesting results. 

Cooking Up Delicious Treats

When you are using a luxury vape product, you might find that you get food cravings. Since your mind could be more open to new experiences, you could discover that your desires are completely fresh and exciting. This means it’s the perfect time to whip up some new possibilities in the future. You and your girls could discover new tastes, delicious delicacies and exciting possibilities that will breathe new life into your existing diet. 

Dance Party 

You might discover that using luxurious cannabis products also frees your inhibition. If dancing in front of others makes you shutter on a normal day, this could be a great time to join together with your closet gal pals for a healthy shot of body positivity. So, put on some tunes, crank up the bass and dance together. As well as getting your body moving and vibing together, this can be the perfect pick me up. 

Try New Styles

Alternatively, still thinking in terms of lowered inhibition, this might also be a great time to try a few new style ideas and possibilities. You could swap clothes or let everyone try on something different from your wardrobe. Experiment with new makeup options and hair choices too. Who knows, you might find a brand new version of your personal style. 

We hope you love trying these ideas yourself on the next night-in with your girls.


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